IG MOL - MOLECULAR SIEVE - Insulating Glass



Molecular Sieve IG Mol is a highly porous, crystalline aluminosilicate in beaded form. The pore openings in the crystals have a diameter of approximately 3 Ǻ, which works by absorbing gas or luquid molecules that are smaller than the effective diameter of its pores. The diameter can be changed in the molecule to regulate the size of the pore opening that allows for preferential adsorption.

Molecular Sieve IG Mol show a high water adsorption capacity at low moisture levels that will ensure high durability of the glass. Molecular Sieve IG Mol 3A is used to avoid co-adsorption of air which would translate into glass deflection and deflection of the glass panel. Also it is free of dust and static electricity.

IG Mols are mostly supported and separated by an aluminium spacer bar and then sealed. We supply Molecular Sieve IG Mol in beads of 0.5mm to 2.0mm that are filled under the spacer by means of dedicated equipment.

All our Molecular Sieve products are compatible according to NEW EN 1279:2018 norms and tested by European laboratories and ISO 9001: 2015 Registered.
IG Mol is supplied in boxes, steel drums or bigbags
25 kg/box 36-48-60bxs/pallet
150-160kg/drum 4 drums/pallet
600-650 kg/ bigbag on pallet



Bead Size – mm 1,0-1,5 0,5-0,9
Delta T (50 ml water / 50 grm bead) – Degrees Centigrade (°c) 37°C 37°C
Water Adsorption Capacity – (TC) ≥20,4% ≥20,2%
Correct Granulation 97,2 98,6
Bulk Density – grm/ml 0,885 0,892
Dust -NTU 26 30
Gas Desorption (250ml Desiccant) – ml 15gr/liter 15gr/liter
Initial Moisture Content (540°C) – Degrees Centigrate (°c) 0,15 0,15
Electro Static – KV 0,1 0,1


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